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Bollywood’s one and only horror queen, Bipasha Basu is all set to take her debut on the small screen with a brand new series named ‘Darr Sabko Lagta Hai’. Call it an antithesis, in real life it is not ghost but love that she is afraid of. In a candid interview with Indian, Bipasha Basu opened up about love, marriage and Karan Singh Grover. (Source: Varinder Chawla)

Bollywood’s one and only horror queen, Bipasha Basu is all set to take her debut on the small screen with a brand new series named ‘Darr Sabko Lagta Hai’. Call it an antithesis, in real life it is not ghost but love that she is afraid of. In a candid interview with Indian Express, Bipasha Basu opened up about love, marriage and Karan Singh Grover.

Ques: Why television Bipasha?

Bipasha: I had definitely been wanting to do TV since the last five years. Offers had been coming and going. But I could never pinpoint what I wanted. It is important to do something which is not regular. I love watching reality shows but every other actress is hosting and judging them. I may eventually do that at some point but not right now. Initially, I and my team decided to do a fitness based show on TV but then we realised it would be a niche show. When the channel guys came with this idea, I was kicked up because for starters it is not a regular TV serial. It is a step forward. It is an assortment of short films which are very contemporary and talented directors are directing it. The content and visuals are great and there is nothing tacky about it. I am linked with all the films but I am not like a narrator or sutradhar who reads off the teleprompter. They have integrated me as Bipasha Basu in all the films.

Ques: Are you happy being called the ‘Horror Queen’ of Bollywood?

Bipasha: Yes. From the time Hindi cinema started no one has had this title. I own it. People are desperate to make it big and here I am who has always got one tag or another all my life. You get a tag only when you are doing something good. Emraan Hashmi is called a serial kisser which means he has done something nice.

Ques: There was one more tag associated to your name in your early days that of a sex symbol. Do you think that tag has vanished with age?

Bipasha: Age has nothing to do with being and looking sexy. I know very elderly people who are damn hot. I don’t think age matters. Clint Eastwood is so sexy at 80 that even a 20 year old guy won’t be able to match him. Also, women are like wine. They get better and better with time. You also get to know what you really are. Women become smart and know how to control.

Ques: The name of your show Darr Sabko Lagta Hai reminds me of a famous Hindi film dialogue, Thappad se darr nahi lagta, lekin pyaar se darr lagta hai. Have you been ever afraid of love?

Bipasha: Thappad se darr lagta hai aur pyaar se bhi. But no one will slap me.(smiles)

Thappad se darr lagta hai aur pyaar se bhi. But no one will slap me.(smiles)

Ques: Why are you afraid of love?

Bipasha (Thinks): Actually love it is not like some masala. There is both good and bad, fun and not so fun involved in it.(Pauses) You have experienced it I am sure and you do know what I am talking about.

Ques: Are you in love with anyone currently?

Bipasha: I am always in love with my brand called love yourself. I love myself the most in a good way. I accept my needs and I am living for it. People ask me why I am not working, where I have vanished, why I am holidaying, why I am not being seen. Well it is my life and I can do what I like with my own money. I am enjoying and I cannot be directed with only one thing in life. It cannot be just fun or just work. It has to be a blend of all things.

Ques: Define your relationship with Karan Singh Grover?
Bipasha: Your definition is good friends and I define him as a friend.

Ques: When do we get to see you and him together in a film next?
Bipasha: Right now I am doing one film and there is no Karan in it. Let’s see. If there is a right script, we both will do a movie together.

Bipasha Basu with Karan Singh Grover.

Ques: So, who is opposite you in your upcoming film?

Bipasha: That I am not telling you. And who told you there is someone opposite me in the film (smiles).

Ques: So is it a women-centric horror film?

Bipasha: (Laughs) No. It is definitely not horror. Rest you will have to wait and watch.

Ques: Dino Morea recently told us that he would be interested in paring up again with you? Would you be interested?

Bipasha: (Rolls her eyes up) He talks s**t. Don’t take Dino seriously. He is a dear friend of mine. Workwise we don’t know if it will happen. I am open and so is he, but someone should pair us together.

Ques: We have never seen you in sequels of your blockbuster hits. Why?

Bipasha: They (producers) don’t repeat heroines.

Ques:Isn’t that sad?

Bipasha: It’s been sad forever but I have accepted it. You have to accept what you will get and you can never get more than that. I am contend with whatever I get. There are certain things that will not break or change and you will have to accept it.

Ques: You have everything that a successful woman needs – name, fame and money. When will marriage happen?

Bipasha: Really…all successful women want to get married? I have grown up believing in institution of marriage. My parents are the most beautiful couple in love ever and they have a great marriage. But the marriages that I see around me of people from all walks of life and not just from my business are not inspirational at all. Yes, there are some who are successful but for every two successful marriages there are 10 disturbing ones. So jitne din bach sakti hoon, bachti rahoongi. When it has to happen, it will happen.

Ques: Finally tell us who is the hottest guy in Bollywood right now?

Bipasha: (Thinks hard) No one. Wish we had someone like Brad Pitt here.

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Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover had a grand wedding on April 30. The couple had a sumptuous celebration and a long honeymoon post that. They talk about their wedding celebrations, the drama around the wedding and claim to not care what the world thinks of them. Excerpts from the interview:

There was resistance from both families regarding the wedding. Right?

Bipasha: Yes, there was a lot of drama in our lives. A lot was created and a lot existed. We were in love and when our parents saw that we were happy with each other they realised we were right for each other. So, they were happy for us. There was a lot of news, we laughed it off.

Karan: Our parents were very supportive. There was no drama.

This is Karan’s third marriage. He has previously been married to television actors Shraddha Nigam and Jennifer Winget. (Instagram/Bipasha Basu)

When did you realise you wanted to marry Bipasha?

Karan: There is so much that happens in your life. You realise what you need to change and that comes when you truly realise what you want and what makes you happy. She made me realise that in many ways. And I kept on falling in love with her over and over again.

The fact that this was Karan’s third marriage was brought up time and again. Did that bother you?

Bipasha: For me, as woman, the connect is more important while the paper (marriage certificate) is important to society. I have had bad relationships and maybe I am one of the lucky ones who didn’t sign a paper (get married) but that doesn’t change things. First, second, third... it’s sad to hear these things. People are so judgmental about a divorcee. It is a social stigma and sad.

No one wants a bad relationship, a failed marriage. One shouldn’t live in a sham of a marriage, which many couples do and I have seen such marriages. Today, one can divorce so that you don’t kill your spouse, instead move on and find love and life again. Just because you are married doesn’t mean you stay in a relationship where you are burdened and not loved.

Bipasha and Karan met on the sets of their 2015 film, Alone. (Instagram/Bipasha Basu)

When did you know that Karan was the one for you?

Bipasha: With Karan, I never had to be a certain way to please him. He has loved me for the person I am the work that I do, the personality that I am, flaws that I have. When he proposed to me, I told him I am not supposed to be married. I believe relationships aren’t only about marriage.

For me, the pheras are marriage. We had the same connection before and still have it post our wedding but for the world we are married. We have been deeply into each other for quite some time and we are best friends. We did what was best for us, the rest of the world can have an opinion which I don’t care about.

Bipasha has previously dated Bollywood actors Dino Morea and John Abraham. (Instagram/Bipasha Basu)

How does it feel to be married?

Bipasha: It’s not even been a month. We’re both excited and happy. I’m happy I took the decision of marrying the man I love.

Karan: She is still dreaming of exits and entries and whether there’s enough security and then she wakes up and I tell her, ‘Babe we have already done it.’

Bipasha: I worked so hard at organising the wedding without any planners. I did everything myself, right from the invitation to the food and decor. We didn’t let our parents work, just asked them to enjoy themselves.

Being a celeb couple has upside and downside...

Bipasha: I don’t think like that. Work life and love life are two different lives. You can’t blend the two just because we are in the same field of work. I won’t take pressure for that as we didn’t come together to be a celebrity couple.

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