Dark World A Link To The Past Extended Essay

The Magical Warp Tiles,[1] or simply Warp Tiles (and also known as Magical Transporters) are mysterious portals that transport anyone brave or foolish enough to stumble into them to the evil Dark World. There are eight of them in all.[2] Due to the efforts of Agahnim in sending the Maidens to the Dark World, he also manages to open a similar portal to the Dark World at the gateway to Hyrule Castle.

Location and Function

Most are hidden underneath rocks, but the one at the peak of Death Mountain is open and easily stumbled into. Those who walk through these portals are transformed into a shape that reflects their heart by the power of the Triforce. This is usually that of a monster or animal.[3] Not only this, but these warps are one-way; there is no way for normal people to return from the Dark World due to the seal of the Seven Sages. Only Link is able to return, using the Magic Mirror. By using the Magic Mirror, Link will leave behind a sparkling gate at his return location that will allow him to transport back to the Dark World.

The eight Warp Tiles are found across Hyrule:

To retain his normal form after passing through a Warp Tile, Link will have to obtain the Moon Pearl.




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There are 9 warp portals in A Link To The Past which will take you from the Light World into the Dark World. This is handy to know when playing the game.

1. The first warp portal you come across is in the middle of death mountain, you need to use this to get to the Tower of Hera.

2. The second warp portal is north of Kakariko Village. You can get to it by going into the lost woods and then back out again at another entrance or by lifting the heavy boulder.

3. The third warp portal is located at the Entrance to Hyrule Castle. This only becomes a portal after beating Agahnim.

4. The fourth portal is just south and left from links house. There is a couple of stakes. Hammer them and then lift up the rock to reveal another portal.

5. The fifth portal is at the entrance of the Pond of Happiness. There is a rock in front so lift it to unviel the warp portal. You use this one to enter the Ice Palace.

6. The sixth portal is south of the Eastarn Palace. There is a square of stakes. Hammer away into the middle and lift the rock to go through the warp portal.

7. The seventh portal is at south-west of the Desert. You have to use the flute to get there.There is a small rock covering the portal, lift it to reveal it.

8. The eigth portal is on Death Mountain. To access it, cross the Broken Bridge, head downwards, and there is a small rock. Lift it and there is the warp.

9. The ninth portal is on top of Turtle Rock in the Light World. To make it appear, hammer the right stake followed by the top stake and finally the left stake. This warp is necessary to get into Turtle Rock.

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