Critical Thinking Pdf Ebook Format

The fun, challenging, picture puzzles in this 104-page book bring together students' logical/objective (left-brain) and random/subjective (right-brain) thinking to sharpen their language and visual skills. Students analyze the way words are written (e.g., size, position, direction) to solve each puzzle using common idioms and words. This book is based on vocabulary for Grades 4-6.  Answers are included.

As students solve each puzzle, they'll improve:
    -  Spatial and creative reasoning
    -  Visual discrimination/visual memory
    -  Word memory and word retrieval
    -  Vocabulary

eBooks are electronic versions of the book pages in PDF format. You can open the PDF eBook from any device or computer that has a PDF reader such as Adobe® Reader®. You can immediately download your eBook from "My Account" under the "My Downloadable Product" section after you place your order.

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